Tea tree is a...

Traditionally used for:
• Anti Bacterial – Prevents and treats Bacterial infection and wounds
• Anti Viral – Helpful in common colds, influenza and other viral infection
• Hair Care – Anti Dandruff and head lice infection
• Fungicide – Athletes foot
• Insecticide – Kills Insects and Lice

Emotional benefits: Cleansing/Purifying/Renewing

Physical benefits: Boosts immunity, fights infection, wound healing, good for acne and oily skin types, healing

Aromatherapy use: First Aid Purposes. Diffuser. Foot baths. Inhalations

Mixes well with: Eucalyptus/Lemon/Lavender

Why buy Naturally Creative Tea Tree Oil:
One of our founders, Emma Nash began her career in essential oils importing Tea Tree directly from Australia in the mid 1990’s. Over the years she has visited many plantations in New South Wales and has compared the oil from our plantation to others including new producers in South Africa and China. Emma’s expertise in this particular essential oil ensures we have only the best quality and this remains Australian, directly from the farm.