This beautiful citrus oil...

Traditionally Used for:
• Up Lifting – Creating a feeling of freshness, joy and energy
• Anti depressant and stimulant
• Anti biotic and Disinfectant – Reduces germs, virus and Fungi
• Relaxant and Sedative – Sooth nerves, tension, anxiety and stress
• Digestive – Reduces constipation, fever and body temperature

Emotional benefits: Lively/Inspiring/Uplifting

Physical benefits: soothes skin. Psoraiais. Improves skin tone. Good for oily skin. Cools a fever. Helps heal cold sores.

Aromatherapy uses: Massage oils. Bathing. Diffuser. Compress

Mixes well with: Lavender/other citrus oils/Frankincense/Rose

Why buy Naturally Creative Bergamot Oil?
Our Bergamot oil is FCF and comes from Calabria, Sicily which is considered the best quality of this oil due to climate and soil type. Bergamot from this region is prone to adulteration due to the high price and limited availability. We work with a small, family owned and run distiller and have built a relationship with them over the past 18 years.