Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

Origin: England
10ml (NC-EO-LAV10) £10
30ml (NC-EO-LAV30) £24.50
Lavender has been used therapeutically for over 2500 years, in the Middle East as a perfume, and in ancient Greece as a cure for many ailments. In roman times Lavender was a prized commodity, used to scent the baths, amongst many other uses in medieval times it was used as a disinfectant and deodorant and also to ward off disease. Throughout history Lavender has been used for its sensual fresh fragrance and legend has it Cleopatra used it to seduce Julia Caesar and Marc Antony.

Lavender oil is an all rounder in the world of essential oils. It is so multi-purpose and therapeutically effective for many conditions both physical and emotional.

Many aromatherapists claim that there is no health condition for which lavender would not provide some relief—it helps muscle aches, acne, psoriasis, depression, poorly healing wounds and inflammatory conditions.

How to use: Safe to use neat on the skin, drop some on your palms and inhale when nervous, exhausted, or seeking inner peace.

Traditionally Used for:
• Antiseptic & Healing – Reduces and protects against infection including acne.
• Relaxing – Reduces mental stress and anxiety
• Sleep Inducing – Helps reduce Insomnia
• Boost Immunity and improves circulation

Emotional benefits: Soothes a furrowed brow, eases stress, calming for children

Physical benefits: Aids restful sleep, relaxes the muscles, good for headaches, effective skin healer eg burns.

Aromatherapy uses: Bathing, pillow spray, massage oil, creams. First Aid

Mixes well with: Peppermint/Marjoram/Tea Tree/Mandarin/Rose

Why buy Naturally Creative English Lavender Oil?
A good quality therapeutic Lavender oil will have a high level of the ester linalyl acetate. This along with the synergy between the esters and alcohol within the oil defines the quality of it. Because of the demand for Lavender oil it is prone to adulteration by synthetic esters to increase these levels which is almost impossible to detect by the usual GC analysis. Lavender Oil is the bedrock of aromatherapy so we have chosen an English Lavender oil as our oil for its quality and sweet fragrance. The crop is grown locally to Naturally Creative in Kent by a co-operative of growers we know well. The farmers we buy from distill the oil on site so not only is there a low carbon foot print by sourcing so locally, we have developed a close relationship and can visit and watch the harvest taking place.

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